About Us



Looking for a mortgage broker in Papamoa, Tauranga? Look no further..

 Mortgage Link Papamoa provides mortgage broker services and we link the people who want the money with the people who lend the money.

 What can we do for you? 

 We can reach 18 lenders who may want to give you money.  This money is for helping you buy your first home or even your second home.  This money can help you upgrade your car, it can also help with overseas holidays or help with any issues you have with your health.

 What else can we do to help you? 

 We can help you come to a decision which you may have been struggling with  which will help you for the rest of your life, if it’s about money, then we're your people.

 If the banks are saying “no” to you, we will never do that,  we may say “not now”, but with a plan in place, we may be able to get you to a ‘yes’ quicker than you thought.

 At the moment, all the stars are in line for our first home owners.  How about giving us a ring, We would love to tell you all about this.  Don’t hesitate, call us, we're available all the time.